Woodstock Winterfest

Check out the interesting story of Woodstock’s skiing history as the birthplace of the first ski tow in America.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of this event, which symbolized Woodstock’s important role in the development of modern skiing, Woodstock is planning a Winterfest to take place the first weekend in February. The events planned so far include:

Fri.  Feb. 6 Ski Films at the Woodstock Town Hall Theater  (7:30-9:00)

Sat.  Feb. 7 Winter Triathlon 10 am at Union Arena (

        Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides at Billings Farm (11am – 3pm)

        Photo Exhibit (Woodstock Skiing in the 1930’s) at Billings Farm (10am-4pm)

      Winterfest Dance with bonfire at Suicide Six Ski Area (7=10pm)

Sun.  Feb. 8 Fisk Trophy Race at Suicide Six Ski Area (9:30am)

          Sled Race 1-3pm at the old Mt. Tom Ski Area & Hammerhead Sled Demo

           Photo Exhibit (Woodstock Skiing in the 1930’s) at Billings Farm (10am-4pm)

Don’t forget to check out other activities this Winter in the Woodstock area like these:

Norman Williams Library events in Woodstock – Here’s a sampling:


Tuesday January 27, 7PM           Enjoy an evening of tales of dancers, lost loves, soap operas, and short-order cooks, from perspectives ranging from political to poignant, sensitive to sidesplitting. Bill Gawley blends elements of folk, rock, blues, country, and ragtime as he accompanies his strong, distinctive vocals with guitar and harmonica. Bring your own guitar, drums, hands to clap, etc. for the jam session after the performance! Refreshments will be served. For more information: 457-2295 ext. 125 or