Winter Cautions for Guests

Most of the Winter visitors to Leave No Trace Cabin will be looking forward to snow and cold weather. Being at the mercy of Mother Nature can be exciting but also dangerous at worst and inconvenient at best. You should be prepared when travelling in your vehicle to Vermont and while in Vermont. Being prepared means 1) driving a vehicle that is preferably 4 wheel drive or front wheel drive but above all has GOOD tread on the tires – hopefully Winter tires or chains; 2) knowledge of how to drive in snow and ice – steady acceleration – not fast – and turning in the direction of the skid; 3) Carrying the essentials in your vehicle at all times: heavy clothes, hat, gloves, boots, WOOL* blanket, snow shovel, bag of dirt or kitty litter for traction on ice. (A WOOL blanket also can be used under your tires for traction.) Don’t be afraid – be prepared! ENJOY the beauty of Winter – don’t let it become your undoing! Other cautions are electronics – use of a GPS is great but keep in mind that VT has lots of roads which are on the maps but locally are known to be really trails – not car passable – but GPS doesn’t distinguish between those types of roads so if it looks like you may not be on a passable road – don’t keep driving – backtrack and get local directions. Cellphone service in Vermont is sketchy so the best bet is to be prepared.