Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is there internet capability?
A. Yes, Leave No Trace Cabin is now equipped with wireless high speed internet – just bring along your laptop or iPad. There is no cellphone reception at the cabin (but a landline for phone calls is provided) I think if you have wi-fi capability on your cellphone you can access the internet with it but I’m not familiar with that cellphone feature. Please note this is not your suburban high speed internet so don’t plan to do movie streaming.

Q. How is payment made?
A. I accept personal checks or money orders. There is an additional 3% charge for use of paypal. Once you have decided to make a booking, a contract is mailed to you. To secure the dates, you return a signed copy of the contract with ½ the rental fee (referred to as the booking deposit). Two weeks prior to arrival the remainder of the rental fee, the 9% VT sales tax and a security deposit is due. The security deposit is typically half of the rental fee but is specified in the contract.

Q. What if we have to cancel after making a reservation?
A. The rental fee is non-refundable unless I am able to re-book the entire time period.

Q. Is there a cleaning fee charged?
A. No, the cleaning is included in the rent. However, please tidy up and wipe up any spills. If you need to move furniture around please put it back where it was on arrival.

Q. Are well-behaved pets allowed?
A. Yes – please keep them off the furniture and beds and within your voice commands outside as there are livestock in the pasture across from the cabin.

Q. Is there a charge for dogs or horses?
A. No

Q. Is firewood provided for the woodstove?
A. Yes

Q. In the Winter is the driveway plowed?
A. Yes, the driveway is plowed and sanded as needed. The dirt road is plowed and sanded by the town.

Q. Do I need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get to the cabin in the Winter?
A. Of course, in bad weather a 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle is best. If your vehicle has good traction it should be able to make it to the cabin but I would park at the top of the driveway where it is flat. That also allows the plow truck to get in to plow and sand. I also advise in the Winter keeping in your vehicles warm clothes, boots, hat, gloves and something like kitty litter for traction should you get stuck somewhere. Since cell service is sparse in Vermont, you may have to walk to get help so being prepared is the safe way to travel.

Q. Is there room to park a horse trailer?
A. Yes, the driveway makes a “teardrop” circle so if you turn to the right upon entering the driveway you can circle to the barn area and park there leaving the main driveway entrance open.

Q. Is there swimming nearby?
A. You can buy a pass for a modest charge at the Kedron Valley Inn in S. Woodstock (3 mi. away) and swim in their swimming pond which has a sand beach. Also find swimming at these locations:
North Hartland Lake and
Silver Lake in Barnard

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