Directions to Leave No Trace



to download directions to your Cell or GPS use: HOWEVER: I do not recommend this – please follow detailed directions in VT below as many old roads are still on these maps which are now horse trails and impassable with a vehicle!

Get on Route 91 in Vermont (runs North/South) – Take Exit 9 off Rt. 91 and follow Route 5 to Route 12 North. Continue on Route 12 North to Hartland 4 Corners (about 2.6 miles from the exit off Rt. 91).

[Please note that Rt. 12 North turns off on a curve – be sure to follow Rt. 12 N.]
Take a left at Hartland 4 Corners onto Hartland-Brownsville Road (the sign is hard to see on the left (there is a huge Cedar Tree on the left corner of the intersection) and the sign on the right reads Mace Hill Road but if you follow the signs for Skunk Hollow Tavern you will be going the right way) and follow it 1.8 miles and take a right on Jenneville Road (a dirt road). Go 1.3 miles to a right on Densmore Hill Road. Go 1.9 miles to the “Leave No Trace”cabin on the left.
[If you reach Butternut Hill Farm or Cream Pot Road you have passed the cabin.]
In bad weather if you do not have a vehicle with good traction please park at the top of the driveway on the right in the flat area to the right of the woodpile.

From Woodstock

  1. Take Route 106 South out of Woodstock for about 3 miles.
  2. Take Densmore Hill Road (it is the road AFTER Dunham Hill Rd.) on the left.
  3. Go 2 miles and pass Butternut Hill Farm
  4. Leave No Trace sign is just before the driveway to the cabin on the right.


  1. Take Route 106 South out of Woodstock for about 5 miles.
  2. Turn up Morgan Hill Rd. on left after the Fire Station
  3. Continue until you pass the cemetery on the right – Jacquith Cemetery (you are going downhill) and turn left onto Reeves road
  4. Continue Past Smokerise Farm (The Rojeks) until you come to Jenneville road on the left (1st significant road although you pass Shribner’s drive first)
  5. Continue on Jenneville past the entrance to Cady Brook Trail and you will come to Densmore Hill Rd. on left – Go up it 2 mi. to cabin on left

From Boston

  1. Take Interstate 93 North.
  2. Take I-89 North after Exit 12, but before Exit 11 (Bow-Henniker).
  3. Stay on I-89 North into Vermont (about 1 1/2 hours). Take Exit 1 (Woodstock-Rutland-Route 4).
  4. At bottom of ramp, turn left onto Route 4 West.
  5. Travel 10 miles to Woodstock
  6. Follow directions above from Woodstock

From Eastern New York, Connecticut , & Eastern New Jersey

  1. Take I-95 North or the Merritt Parkway to I-91 North.
  2. Take I-91 North to Exit 9
  3. Follow directions at top of page.

From Upstate & Western New York, & Western New Jersey

  1. Take I-87 North (Adirondack Northway) to Exit 20 for Lake George.
  2. At the bottom of the exit, turn left onto Route 9 North.
  3. At the first light, turn right onto Route 149 East. Travel 12 miles into Fort Ann and turn left onto Route 4 East.
  4. Travel 12 miles into Whitehall and bear right on Route 4 East near the Grand Union.
  5. Travel 35-40 miles into Rutland. At the end of the four-lane road, turn left on Route 4 East/Route 7 North.
  6. Travel about 3 miles and turn right on Route 4 East after the Grand Union on your right.
  7. Follow Route 4 East for 31 miles, through Bridgewater and into the village of Woodstock.
  8. Follow directions from Woodstock above.

Note to Long Islanders

You can take the Long Island Expressway to the Cross Island Parkway, over the bridge and onto I-95 North. If you are traveling during the rush hour, you may want to take the Bridgeport Ferry instead, and then take I-95 North. It takes just as long to drive around as it does to take the ferry unless there is bumper to bumper traffic.

Distances to Important Places

Suicide Six Ski Area – about 8 miles
Killington/Pico Ski Resort – about 45 miles
Ascutney Ski Resort – about 8 miles
Okemo Ski Area – about 25 miles
Brattleboro, VT – about 1 hour
Lebanon, NH – about ½ hour
Albany, NY – about 2.5 hours
Boston, MA – about 3.5 hours
Hartford, CT – about 2.5 hours
Montreal, QUE – about 3 hours
NYC, NY – about 4.5 hours
Ottawa, ONT – about 5.5 hours
Philadelphia, PA – about 7 hours
Providence, RI – about 3 hours
Rochester, NY – about 7 hours
Toronto, ONT – about 8 hours
Washington DC – about 9 hours