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It's Fiddlehead Season in Vermont & Restaurant Specials

Many people consider fiddleheads a delicacy. They can only be found during the Spring. Fiddleheads can be picked if you know your ferns, or can be found at the local markets and grocery stores. Some of the restaurants have them on the menu during this time of year. What are fiddleheads? Well I leave the answer to that to the experts. recently had an informative article about them and I’ve provided the link below.

In summary they are young fern fronds that have not opened yet; but not all ferns are edible. It’s the Ostrich Fern that provides the edible fiddlehead. If you are preparing them yourself be sure to cook them in several waters so as to wash off the bitter taste that can prevail. If you are a newcomer to the delicacy, I suggest you try them first in one of the local restaurants.

Restaurant Specials:

The Red Rooster restaurant at the Woodstock Inn & Resort offers through May 27th a “Sugar Season Dinner Special” $22 for 2 courses or $33 for 3 Courses. 802 457-6671